UOP: Consequences of Being Digital

‡ Oh man! This project was so rad! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the fine folks at Laundry!
I went to college to learn information design, so this animated presentation for Nicholas Negroponte was right up my alley. I spent months animating in after effects / c4d and compositing several shots. I was in charge of animating several key scenes throughout the presentation. I was especially proud of the Russian Doll animations, importance of sound cues, and the cities revolving through time scenes.

Working with art director Evan di Leo and Lead animator Aaron Frebowitz, along with Casey Hupke, and Ben Hansford we were able to create 90 minutes of animated content in just 6 months! The project timeline was insane, and working at double HD res didnt help, but a boss team always pulls it together when the chips are down.

I am also very proud of the fact that we were awarded as the winner of the Information Design category in The Communication Arts Interactive Annual #18